Instagram challenge

My life has always been a roller coster..

Bosses wife said to me yesterday that she thinks I’m the unluckiest person she ever met. Well, thanks?
The past month a had been suffering from stomach flue, burned my hand pretty bad (from boiling water from the kettle), got a paper airplane in my eye(?!), got sick (read: dizzy, fainted, high!) from some painkiller I took for my burned hand… I injured my already broken foot… So the ligament is torn.. What else? Except everyday clumsiness as walking in to poles in the street and banging my head in to random things… Well other then that nothing else is really working out for me either.

I wounder how it feels to be lucky?

My test period as a nanny ends on Monday, nanny? Come on. So am I kidding? Can’t even believe I thought about in the very beginning.

So I posted on Instagram, one spiritual gangster, that I am looking for some work. Not even work, because this is not about money. I want to travel, see the world, all the wonders and be amazed. I want to be the one who tells my gran kids all the cool stories how granny rode on a donkey while eating crocodile and swimming in the Red Sea. See where Im going with this?

I am a adventuress

So five minutes after I posted on Instagram, asking my followers to help me out, I got an email.. About a job. Yey!
It was of course my agent who wants to send me back to Sardinia on a yacht.
Yachts are amazing, they are cool, fun people to work with, nice payment.. But it something about it that is not exciting enough. I get bored, easily. So I need something that can keep me interested!

I am willing to do nearly anything (read: anything!) if someone would give me this chance.
I can do most, if I can’t I will learn. How hard can it be. It’s not like I haven’t done anything for the first time before.. Right;)?

xx My little angels, my disasters are going to keep entertain you.




Om natasasdisaster

My diary of the past and my new life. I promise you a lot of storys, and Yes! they are all true! Love and Respect Natasa
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