Fair winds and calms seas.

A diary.

Today has been rough. No that is a mild word. Exhausting!
Hard to explain but after a day of me and the mother to the two kids struggling with everything we went to the beach. A was so tired, and my feets where hurting.. Jumped in to the ocean and everything was fine.

I played with the kids and sat and listened to the waves, me and the baby, the baby who never sits still. His mom told me that either it’s me who calm him down or..
No I said. It’s the ocean. He sat down with me and looked out at the big blue. I think the ocean amazes everybody. Doesn’t matter how old or young you are. The big blue is magical.

Fair winds and calm seas my friends.



Om natasasdisaster

My diary of the past and my new life. I promise you a lot of storys, and Yes! they are all true! Love and Respect Natasa
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