Be your best self.

I always had one problem.
Sometimes I thought I had an alphabetic disorder.. I got bored. Can’t sit still and do the same boring thing over and over again. Want more. Want everything.

My family thinks it’s amazing that I always get every job I ever applied for. #truestory
But keeping the job,, well that is another story.

It’s not that I don’t do the job good, well waitress isn’t my thing.. And I was never that good in bartending either. I’m good at selling stuff, doesn’t matter what it is. I even sold stuff that I don’t even know what it is.

And so to this stupid question – What do you want when you grow up?
Okey, I’m 24yrs and still haven’t grown up? Well fair enough, no rush here.

I thought about it, really thought about it and I don’t know. Can’t choose one thing.
So I decided I’m going to write a list, 50 job careers. Doable and not so doable.

I going to erase 40 of them and see what is left to do.

Another thing I am sort of doing right now is take the jobs that comes to me. Just like that. Travel and see where I end up.

Right now I’m in Antibes, South of France, living in a penthouse suit at the the Royal Residence. Sweet! Working as a nanny thou, until the end of September.
1 of October I have a ticket home. But why take it? I’m going to look for the next best opportunity that comes along. Do you have something for me;)?




Om natasasdisaster

My diary of the past and my new life. I promise you a lot of storys, and Yes! they are all true! Love and Respect Natasa
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