Just another day I decided to do something with my life.

After being in bed for two days and eating medicine that tastes like a dog puked in my mouth. Let’s not go any further there.

So I woke up, around 3 pm.. Thinking, what should I do with my life today?
Soon I realized that I wasn’t going to do much, try to eat was the highest thing on my list. But I soon forgot that to since I have to eat that darn medicine..

So I decided to write a post in my Swedish blog in English for once. This is not the typical ”happy blog” I think you might have noticed from the name I carefully picked out for it.

Update; Already?! Well, reason number one why this is called my disaster…. It’s been taking me around 3h to get this far in this post. The whole damn iPad just locked as soon as I opened WordPress. Things that never happens. Happens gladly to me.

I’m a very happy person myself so when I decided to write a blog, not very often, I was looking for something that suits me but still won’t be boring.
– I never get the time to be pissed off of things that happens to me why not write about that?

I learned a lot on the past few years. Just five minute ago I moved from the floor to my bed. After being in bed for two days I thought it would be nice to sit on something hard for a minute. I was wrong. and please do not get any dirty pictures in your head now. Well I just did so I wonder who is the dirty one here?

So, Natasas Disaster is a blog of stories I been trough in my life. Good and bad. Mostly bad. But turned out to be a good story after all. There is a lot of them. Friends ask me how I cope with myself. Well, do I have any choice? Would I change myself for another better one if I could?
I worked so hard this far, why not make anything good of this shitty life someone has given me. Someday I will show them, and my mom.

Another thing is that I’m not very good at finishing a story. Until now I haven’t even started one.

I’m trying to decide wich one to choose?
The one where I arrived at the wrong day on the airport.. 7days early. or when I almost broke my legs in Sardinia. or how I ended up in Ibiza on a luxury yacht

See, this could be a book. So for now just be happy with me writing in English.

I have some sleeping to catch up with. Not.


Om natasasdisaster

My diary of the past and my new life. I promise you a lot of storys, and Yes! they are all true! Love and Respect Natasa
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