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I think, the thing that is the hardest is not to find an exercise or diet routine to stick to but to deeply accept that we are already okay. We are okay, more than okay, we are beautiful, just the way we are.


If we keep exercising with a purpose to change because we are not already perfect, that exercise is always going to be negative and have a negative effect on all aspects of our being – mind, body, soul. The good thing about yoga is that it is so accepting, so loving, we can all do it no matter our age or body type or if we’re tired or energized… And the breath is so, so important. Daily yoga helps because the thing that hurts us in the long run is our mind, not our body. We can weigh a million pounds, but that alone is not going to make us unhappy. It’s our minds perception of this fact that will make us unhappy. Know what i mean? It’s the thinking that hurts us. ”I should” or ”they shouldn’t” or ”i would be better if…”. And yoga helps to calm the mind so we can free ourselves from these destructive thought patterns.


I used to think i wasn’t good enough, thin enough, smart enough, pretty enough….. And i was always looking for the next ”thing” that would help me achieve these things, because then at last i would be happy. But i finally realized; nothing from the outside will ever fix my inside. Even if i am a supermodel or the smartest person in the world, my mind will keep trying to find the ”next” thing to fix. That is why we have to go on the inside to find that balance and happiness, not on the outside. Exercise is good and taking care of our body is good but we need to do it mindfully. I also think, once we realize that we are already so beautiful, so intelligent, so perfect, the rest will fall into place. We will start making decisions throughout our day that will heal our body. And we will make these decisions automatically, because we found a love for ourselves. So it will be natural to go for the fruit instead of candy, to move, to meditate, to eat strong meals that build us up instead of eating things that break us down. And this is where balance come from.


It took me a long time to find a balance in life, and i am still struggling with days when all i want to do is lie in bed and eat my weight in chocolate. Who isn’t? And sometimes i do that too, trust me – and it’s ok! As long as those days are not overclouding your life. Find what makes you happy, accept your highs and lows and remember: this too, shall pass.


Stay beautiful, inside and out.


Om natasasdisaster

My diary of the past and my new life. I promise you a lot of storys, and Yes! they are all true! Love and Respect Natasa
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