The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I finally realized that I can’t do it.
And I shouldn’t. I’m just going to hurt people. My dearest ones. I don’t want that.

The truth I can tell you today is, I have 5,20 euros in my pocket. I want to come home. I have big dreams. I still love Him. I miss Her.

If life just would give me a brake.

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Instagram challenge

My life has always been a roller coster..

Bosses wife said to me yesterday that she thinks I’m the unluckiest person she ever met. Well, thanks?
The past month a had been suffering from stomach flue, burned my hand pretty bad (from boiling water from the kettle), got a paper airplane in my eye(?!), got sick (read: dizzy, fainted, high!) from some painkiller I took for my burned hand… I injured my already broken foot… So the ligament is torn.. What else? Except everyday clumsiness as walking in to poles in the street and banging my head in to random things… Well other then that nothing else is really working out for me either.

I wounder how it feels to be lucky?

My test period as a nanny ends on Monday, nanny? Come on. So am I kidding? Can’t even believe I thought about in the very beginning.

So I posted on Instagram, one spiritual gangster, that I am looking for some work. Not even work, because this is not about money. I want to travel, see the world, all the wonders and be amazed. I want to be the one who tells my gran kids all the cool stories how granny rode on a donkey while eating crocodile and swimming in the Red Sea. See where Im going with this?

I am a adventuress

So five minutes after I posted on Instagram, asking my followers to help me out, I got an email.. About a job. Yey!
It was of course my agent who wants to send me back to Sardinia on a yacht.
Yachts are amazing, they are cool, fun people to work with, nice payment.. But it something about it that is not exciting enough. I get bored, easily. So I need something that can keep me interested!

I am willing to do nearly anything (read: anything!) if someone would give me this chance.
I can do most, if I can’t I will learn. How hard can it be. It’s not like I haven’t done anything for the first time before.. Right;)?

xx My little angels, my disasters are going to keep entertain you.



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Fuck Off September!

Can this month just be over!!?

Someone asked me when I’m going home.

Home.. Hmm? Where is home?
It’s strange that I don’t have a clue where to call home. My ”home town”, there we just have people who scare me, that I want to avoid and if I could choose I would never return. Ever.

Then we have my family, who constantly nagging me about doing something with my life. Stay home, get married have babies. Or just ignoring me while I’m there. Fun family.

So, I want to get away. Far away.

I have a plan.

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Fair winds and calms seas.

A diary.

Today has been rough. No that is a mild word. Exhausting!
Hard to explain but after a day of me and the mother to the two kids struggling with everything we went to the beach. A was so tired, and my feets where hurting.. Jumped in to the ocean and everything was fine.

I played with the kids and sat and listened to the waves, me and the baby, the baby who never sits still. His mom told me that either it’s me who calm him down or..
No I said. It’s the ocean. He sat down with me and looked out at the big blue. I think the ocean amazes everybody. Doesn’t matter how old or young you are. The big blue is magical.

Fair winds and calm seas my friends.


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Be your best self.

I always had one problem.
Sometimes I thought I had an alphabetic disorder.. I got bored. Can’t sit still and do the same boring thing over and over again. Want more. Want everything.

My family thinks it’s amazing that I always get every job I ever applied for. #truestory
But keeping the job,, well that is another story.

It’s not that I don’t do the job good, well waitress isn’t my thing.. And I was never that good in bartending either. I’m good at selling stuff, doesn’t matter what it is. I even sold stuff that I don’t even know what it is.

And so to this stupid question – What do you want when you grow up?
Okey, I’m 24yrs and still haven’t grown up? Well fair enough, no rush here.

I thought about it, really thought about it and I don’t know. Can’t choose one thing.
So I decided I’m going to write a list, 50 job careers. Doable and not so doable.

I going to erase 40 of them and see what is left to do.

Another thing I am sort of doing right now is take the jobs that comes to me. Just like that. Travel and see where I end up.

Right now I’m in Antibes, South of France, living in a penthouse suit at the the Royal Residence. Sweet! Working as a nanny thou, until the end of September.
1 of October I have a ticket home. But why take it? I’m going to look for the next best opportunity that comes along. Do you have something for me;)?



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I used to care but I take a pill for that now.

I have plans. Big plans.

Right now I’m in Zurich, Switzerland, and working as a nanny. We are going on holiday to south of France tomorrow and will be gone until 1th of October. After that I will fly home and leave my stuff at home and fly away. Where I don’t know yet. By budget is tight so I will have to found a way to make my travel cheep..

Ideas: coach surfing. Free passenger on boats. Work for accommodation. And so on. I will be fine.

I got some friends who are willing to come along.

I going to make this the best trip ever;)

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Just another day I decided to do something with my life.

After being in bed for two days and eating medicine that tastes like a dog puked in my mouth. Let’s not go any further there.

So I woke up, around 3 pm.. Thinking, what should I do with my life today?
Soon I realized that I wasn’t going to do much, try to eat was the highest thing on my list. But I soon forgot that to since I have to eat that darn medicine..

So I decided to write a post in my Swedish blog in English for once. This is not the typical ”happy blog” I think you might have noticed from the name I carefully picked out for it.

Update; Already?! Well, reason number one why this is called my disaster…. It’s been taking me around 3h to get this far in this post. The whole damn iPad just locked as soon as I opened WordPress. Things that never happens. Happens gladly to me.

I’m a very happy person myself so when I decided to write a blog, not very often, I was looking for something that suits me but still won’t be boring.
– I never get the time to be pissed off of things that happens to me why not write about that?

I learned a lot on the past few years. Just five minute ago I moved from the floor to my bed. After being in bed for two days I thought it would be nice to sit on something hard for a minute. I was wrong. and please do not get any dirty pictures in your head now. Well I just did so I wonder who is the dirty one here?

So, Natasas Disaster is a blog of stories I been trough in my life. Good and bad. Mostly bad. But turned out to be a good story after all. There is a lot of them. Friends ask me how I cope with myself. Well, do I have any choice? Would I change myself for another better one if I could?
I worked so hard this far, why not make anything good of this shitty life someone has given me. Someday I will show them, and my mom.

Another thing is that I’m not very good at finishing a story. Until now I haven’t even started one.

I’m trying to decide wich one to choose?
The one where I arrived at the wrong day on the airport.. 7days early. or when I almost broke my legs in Sardinia. or how I ended up in Ibiza on a luxury yacht

See, this could be a book. So for now just be happy with me writing in English.

I have some sleeping to catch up with. Not.

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